Marc Molendijk

Marc Molendijk, PhD, Assistant professor Clinical, Health and Neuropsychology at Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
Marc Molendijk

After completing secondary school, Marc Molendijk (Gouda, June 27th 1974) performed his military duty in the Dutch Royal Navy. He liked it there and thus stayed for another 8 years. Upon his return to the normal society, at age 28, he assigned to the cognitive challenging arena that is known as Leiden University to study topics in psychology, biology, and mathematics. In the course of all of this he couldn’t help noticing that he got a taste for doing science. So, in 2008, after graduating two Masters, he applied for a PhD tract and he got the job. While working on his thesis, Marc also holds a partial educational position at Leiden University and he works at a depression outpatient Unit in The Hague. Marc recently successfully applied for a position as assistant professor in Leiden.

Key publications