Fenna Poletiek

Dr. Fenna Poletiek, Assistant professor in Cognitive psychology at Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
Fenna Poletiek

Fenna Poletiek studied Cognitive psychology at the University of Groningen, and teached the Betting model of Scientific research, as a teaching assistant of prof. dr Hofstee. She graduated at the department of Methods in Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and wrote a monograph on hypothesis testing behavior. See personal web page.

As a fellow of the Netherlands Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences, she worked on cognitive aspects of grammar learning, and the relation between language and perception. She earned funding for and supervised two PhD projects on these topics. Further research interest are in implicit learning, Philosophy of Science and Legal Decision Making. She teaches among others Cognitive Psychology and Decision Making, and occasionally acts as an expert witness in the Courtroom. She publishes columns and commentaries about Psychology and Science in various newspapers and national journals.

For publications please see personal website.

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