Winifred Gebhardt

Dr. Winifred Gebhardt, Associate Professor of Health Psychology at Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
Winifred Gebhardt

Winnie Gebhardt’s research interests are in the field of theory development and testing to explain, predict and influence health behaviour. She investigates safer sexual practices, exercise, smoking and alcohol behaviour among adolescents, the elderly and those with a lower SES background. She is particularly interested in the dynamic interaction of personal goals within the process of behavioural change including the role of intergoal facilitation and intergoal conflict. Furthermore, she explores intervention techniques to strengthen the link between a health goal and other personal goals, e.g. by connecting the health goal to future "possible" selves, or boosting “transitional identities”, as well as techniques to reduce goal conflict and ambivalence.

In short, her main topics of research are: 1. developing and testing theory on understanding and influencing individual health behavior, 2. evaluating the effects of (governmental) interventions to encourage healthier lifestyles, and 3. improving the process of implementation of interventions.

Winnie Gebhardt is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Academic Work Place Public Health Northern South-Holland.

Key publications