Marijke van Putten

Marijke van Putten, PhD, Assistant Professor in Social and Organisational Psychology at Social and Organisational Psychology, Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
Marijke van Putten

Marijke van Putten received her Ph.D. at Tilburg University, where she studied inaction inertia: the effect that missed opportunities decrease the likelihood of acting on subsequent opportunities. She found that missed opportunities influence decisions most when there is a clear one-to-one connection between the opportunities, either because of contextual factors (decoupling, choice set size), or by dispositional factors (action orientation). Her research raised further questions about regulation mechanisms and the effect of emotions on decision making and decision avoidance. Currently she is working on several projects, including the effects of mixed emotions on decision avoidance, the effect of action orientation on happiness, and the effect of maximization on decision avoidance.

Key publications