Lotte van Dillen

Lotte van Dillen PhD, Assistant professor (UD) at Instutute of Psychology, Leiden University
Lotte van Dillen

Lotte van Dillen obtained her Master’s degree in social psychology and cognitive psychology at the University of Amsterdam in 2004. In 2008 she successfully defended her PhD thesis at the ‘other’ Amsterdam university:  the VU University. Since then, Lotte has worked as a post-doc at Utrecht University and New York University. She is currently an assistant professor at the Institute of Psychology, Leiden University. Her research focuses on the influence of emotion on our thoughts and behavior, and vice versa. She has a wide interest in phenomena that are influenced by our emotions, such as self-regulation, consumer behavior, social exclusion, and morality. In her research she uses both behavioral measures and (neuro)physiological measures such as facial EMG, EEG, fMRI, and eye tracking.

Key publications