Karin van der Hiele

Karin, Assistant professor in Neuropsychology at Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
Karin van der Hiele

Karin van der Hiele is an assistant professor in the Health, Medical and Neuropsychology section. She coordinates the specialisation course Clinical Neuropsychology (check it out) and is a lecturer/supervisor for other Bachelor and Master courses in Biopsychology and Neuropsychology. She is currently coordinating the research project MS@Work study in collaboration with the National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg. The MS@Work study  is a longitudinal, multicenter study on work participation in people with Multiple Sclerosis. The study examines what factors, e.g. physical, cognitive, psychological, and work factors, are involved in work participation (in terms of job loss or job retention or days of work loss). She is particularly interested in cognitive and psychological processes and their relations with brain structure and function in patients with neurological damage.

Key publications