Jorien van Hoorn

Jorien van Hoorn, MSc, PhD candidate at Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
Jorien van Hoorn

Jorien has just completed her PhD at the Institute of Psychology (Developmental and Educational Psychology Unit) at Leiden University, funded by a ResearchTalent Grant from NWO. In her PhD project, supervised by Professor Eveline Crone, Professor Eric van Dijk, and Professor Carolien Rieffe, she investigated peer influence on risky and prosocial behavior in adolescence, looking at both brain and behavior. She is interested in understanding peer influence and prosocial development in both typically developing adolescents and those with autism spectrum disorders. Currently, Jorien is a postdoctoral research associate at UNC Chapel Hill with Dr. Eva Telzer, where she continues her work about social influence on decision-making in adolescence.

Key publications