Femke Nijboer

Femke Nijboer, PhD, Assistant professor neuropsychology at Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
Femke Nijboer

Femke Nijboer is a hybrid researcher, part psychologist, part neuroengineer, part ethicist, part innovator and part activist. Her interests for a strange but wonderful mixture of neuropsychology, disability studies, neuroengineering, science and technology studies and ethics. She has conducted extensive and widely cited clinical work with brain-computer interfaces for patients with neuromuscular disorders (and locked-in patients) at the Institute for Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology of the University of Tübingen. She was awarded with an NWO-Veni grant to develop a novel interdisciplinary approach for Technology Assessment that promotes responsible innovation of neurotechnology. She currently tests this approach to accelerate innovation in Brain-Computer Interfaces.Involvement of end-users as experts in the design process is a key element in this approach.

Key publications

  • A note on ethical aspects of BCI (2009) Haselager, P., Vlek, R., Hill, J., & Nijboer, F.
  • The influence of psychological state and motivation on brain–computer interface performance in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis–a longitudinal study. (2010) Nijboer, F., Birbaumer, N., & Kübler, A.
  • Brain–computer interfaces for communication and control in locked-in patients. (2010) Nijboer, F., & Broermann, U.
  • Ethical issues in brain-computer interface research, development, and dissemination. (2012) Vlek, R. J., Steines, D., Szibbo, D., Kubler, A., Schneider, M. J., Haselager, P., & Nijboer, F.
  • The Asilomar Survey: Stakeholders’ Opinions on Ethical Issues Related to Brain-Computer Interfacing. (2013) Nijboer, F., Clausen, J., Allison, B., & Haselager, P.