David Heyne

Dr. David Heyne, Associate professor in Developmental and Educational Psychology at Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
David Heyne

David Heyne obtained a post-graduate diploma in educational psychology, a master’s degree in Counseling psychology, and his PhD in clinical child psychology in Melbourne, Australia. Thereafter he was Clinical Services Manager in the Centre for Developmental Psychiatry and Psychology at Monash University, and Senior Lecturer in the postgraduate Child Psychiatry training program at the University of Melbourne. Now he is an associate professor in the Developmental & Educational Psychology Unit at Leiden University, his research focuses on the development and evaluation of interventions for youth who find it difficult to attend school because of anxiety or depression (i.e., school refusal). These interventions include work with the young person, with the parents, and with school staff. He has a specific interest in developmentally-sensitive treatment for adolescents. David teaches in the bachelor and master’s programs at Leiden University and in the post-master’s program for child and adolescent mental health.

Key publications