Bianca Wiersema

Bianca Wiersema, Bachelor student at Leiden University
Bianca Wiersema

My name is Bianca and I am studying Psychology at Leiden University.

Since I have been interested more specifically in how does our brain influences our actions and vice versa I  am planning to get a master in clinical neuropsychology.

Before applying to university, I attended ”Vasile Alecsandri” high-school, in Iasi.

From little I was keen on languages, so I had  chosen  to follow a philology and bilingual programme. Here I discovered to express my emotions through writing and start publishing in the high-school magazine ”Galleria”.

During high-school, I participated in the Grow program which help me meet people from around the world and expand my horizon. Besides, in the context of Neurolingvistic programming(NLP), I have learned what impact does the words we say can have on other’s people behaviour and how can we adjust ourselves ,so we can be better understood.