Bart Vogelaar

Bart Vogelaar, Assistant professor at Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
Bart Vogelaar

Dr. Bart Vogelaar is an assistant professor in the unit Developmental and Educational Psychology of the Institute of Psychology at Leiden University.

His research interests include the cognitive and intellectual development of children, with a specific focus on dynamic testing and potential for learning of gifted children, as well as on the factors influencing the unfolding of children’s potential.  

He teaches bachelor’s and master’s courses in developmental psychopathology, school psychology, and diagnostics, and supervises Bachelor's and Master’s theses, and internships.

He obtained a Master's degree in English Language from the University of Manchester in 2008, and a Master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology from Leiden University in 2014. He obtained his PhD in 2017 from Leiden University. Under supervision of Prof. dr. Resing of the Dynamic Testing Lab, he investigated the potential for learning of gifted and average-ability children.

Key publications

  • Dynamic testing and excellence: unfolding potential (2017) Vogelaar B., Supervisor(s) and Co-supervisor(s):W.C.M. Resing, L. Hoogeveen.
  • Gifted and average-ability children’s progression in analogical reasoning in a dynamic testing setting, Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology, 15(3), 349-367 (2016) Vogelaar B. & Resing W.C.M.
  • Dynamic testing and test anxiety amongst gifted and average-ability children. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 87, 75-89. (2017) Vogelaar, B., Bakker, M., Elliott, J. G., Resing, W. C. M.
  • Dynamisch testen: Ook begaafde leerlingen verschillen in instructiebehoefte. In: Gerven E.W.H.M. van (Ed.) De Gids: begaafdheid in het basisonderwijs.. Nieuwolda: Leuker.nu. 47-58. (2016) Resing W.C.M. & Vogelaar B.