Bart Verkuil

Bart Verkuil PhD, Assistant professor in Clinical psychology, Counseling psychologist at Skils at Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
Bart Verkuil

Bart Verkuil is an assistant professor at the unit of Clinical Psychology. He also works part-time as a clinician, working with people suffering from mood and anxiety disorders and severe work stress at Skils, a mental health care institution specialized in the relation between work and mental health.

In 2014 he was awarded a Veni grant - from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research - for researcPhysiological concomitants of perseverative cognition: a systematic review and meta-analysis.h into the effects of transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation on perseverative cognition (worry, rumination). His main interests are the links between perseverative cognition and anxiety/depression and the underlying physiology.

Key publications

  • Physiological concomitants of perseverative cognition: a systematic review and meta-analysis. () Ottaviani C, Thayer JF, Verkuil B, Lonigro A, Medea B, Couyoumdjian A, Brosschot JF.
  • When worries make you sick: A review of perseverative cognition, the default stress response and somatic health. (2010) Verkuil, B., Brosschot, J.F., Gebhardt, W., & Thayer, J.F.
  • Pretreatment of worry enhances the effects of stress management therapy: a randomized clinical trial. (2011) Verkuil, B., Brosschot, J.F., Korrelboom, C.W., Reul-Verlaan, R., & Thayer, J.F.