Anna van Duijvenvoorde

Anna van Duijvenvoorde PhD, Assistant Professor in Developmental and Educational Psychology at Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
Anna van Duijvenvoorde

Anna van Duijvenvoorde is an assistant professor at the unit Developmental and Educational Psychology of the Institute of Psychology at Leiden University. She obtained her Master's degree from the University of Amsterdam. In 2013, she received her PhD in developmental psychology from the University of Amsterdam with honors for her dissertation entitled: 'On the art of choosing: Developmental changes and individual differences in decision making under risk'. Anna's PhD project focused on risky decision-making, in which she used model-based analyses and brain imaging to study changes in risk and reward sensitivity across adolescence. Her current research in the Brain and Development Laboratory focuses on longitudinal analyses of brain and behavior. She aims to characterize changes in learning and decision making across adolescence and strives to better understand individual differences in development by studying the developing brain.

Key publications