Dr. Anita Harrewijn

Anita, Dr. at Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
Dr. Anita Harrewijn

Anita Harrewijn is a PhD student in the unit Developmental and Educational Psychology of the Institute of Psychology at Leiden University. Currently, Anita is working in the Leiden Family Lab under supervision of prof. Michiel Westenberg and dr. Melle van der Molen. This project aims to profile psychophysiological endophenotypes of social anxiety disorder. For her thesis, she will focus on neural correlates (EEG), physiological arousal (heart rate and cortisol) during pre- and post-event rumination as putative endophenotypes of SAD. The Leiden Family Lab study uses a multigenerational family design, comprising SAD patients and their family members. This novel multilevel systems neuroscience approach goes beyond the phenotypical level of analysis, and aims at delineating heritable neural and physiological trait markers that can be examined genetically and ultimately facilitate medical and behavioural interventions.

Key publications