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  • In Practice

    In Practice

    Science should generate knowledge that can be used to address real-life problems. That’s what taxpayers believe, it’s what many scientist endorse, and it’s the thinking underlying the development of the new Dutch Science Agenda. So how do we go about it?
  • Plagiarism please!

    Plagiarism please!

    The current practice of avoiding academic plagiarism costs millions of dollars per year. By allowing scholars to plagiarize, these costs can be reduced substantially and more scientific progress can be made.
  • Science, camera, action!

    Science, camera, action!

    Academic researchers often see news headlines that are not supported by the actual findings of their original research and publications. It is time that researchers took matters into their own hands and started producing more exciting output themselves!
  • Publishing open access: good or bad idea?

    Publishing open access: good or bad idea?

    On Wednesday 6 February 2013 the KNAW and the Young Academy organized a debate with the theme: ‘Publish Open access or perish’. The central question in this debate concerned the future of open access publishing. Is it a great new development or not?