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  • New World Stereotyping

    New World Stereotyping

    Recent events in America highlight the continued plague of racism on society. Here, I describe the nature of stereotypes in other parts of the New World with a legacy of slavery and suggest that such stereotypes have an impact on racism.
  • Winter blues?

    Winter blues?

    Depressed people report seeing the world as “dim, and lacking in color”. Is this a nice figure of speech, or a real perceptual shift? We investigated this question, particularly relevant now that the days are getting shorter and shorter…
  • Perceptions of pseudovoice

    Perceptions of pseudovoice

    Since last week citizens in the Netherlands can start a referendum on any issue that matters to them. However, the outcome can easily be ignored by the government. This is an example of ‘pseudovoice’, and therefore mostly ineffective.