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  • How to set prejudice aside when watching a debate

    How to set prejudice aside when watching a debate

    The last few weeks have seen the long-anticipated debates between the Democrats’ presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Republican Donald Trump. The debates were very fierce and both candidates availed of every opportunity to make personal attacks.
  • How we vote

    How we vote

    Although we like to think that our vote is solely the outcome of rational deliberation, research demonstrates the various influences on our political preferences. Even the language that is used might impact our ideological leanings.
  • About polite Moroccans and rude Dutch

    About polite Moroccans and rude Dutch

    You may think that honor and aggression are closely linked. In this contribution I will paint a more nuanced picture, and show that honor is also linked to politeness and constructive conflict management.
  • Science, camera, action!

    Science, camera, action!

    Academic researchers often see news headlines that are not supported by the actual findings of their original research and publications. It is time that researchers took matters into their own hands and started producing more exciting output themselves!
  • Women in high places

    Women in high places

    Having more women in top positions does not as a matter of fact improve career opportunities for other women. On the contrary, successful women who display 'modern sexism' to cope with a masculine work environment can undermine the ambitions of other women
  • Ski accidents and random sampling

    Ski accidents and random sampling

    “Dutch wounded through skiing: a remarkable increase of 14 percent” writes the The Dutch newspaper NRC. Is this really a noticeable increase or just random sampling? A quick statistical procedure provides the answer.