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  • What motivates adolescents?

    What motivates adolescents?

    Adolescence is marked by a peak in activity in the reward center of the brain. In our recent study, we found that various motivational factors contribute to these developmental changes from early adolescence to early adulthood.
  • Sinterklaas: Gratitude or lies?

    Sinterklaas: Gratitude or lies?

    It’s almost December: Sinterklaas is now in town and children are eagerly waiting for him, or probably for his gifts. Most children receive many gifts in December, but did you know that children sometimes feel the need to lie in response to Sinterklaas?
  • Shark sighted: I think I’ll go for a swim!

    Shark sighted: I think I’ll go for a swim!

    Risk-taking has a bad reputation. Although it’s natural to be concerned about the high levels of risk-taking among young people, with adverse consequences including death and injuries, we shouldn’t forget that risk-taking can also have a positive side.
  • Twins: similar and unique?

    Twins: similar and unique?

    'Who are the Ultimate Twins?' With this slogan a Dutch TV programme set out to find the twins who were most similar in looks, personality, and behavior. One pair had defeated 229 pairs, leaving viewers wondering about how they can be so similar yet unique.