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  • Shy parent, shy child?

    Shy parent, shy child?

    Not only extreme shyness runs in families, but also an early brain response related to shyness, our family study shows. This finding can inform future research on genetic and environmental factors that play a role in the development of extreme shyness.
  • How to deal with the threat of terrorism in children?

    How to deal with the threat of terrorism in children?

    News of terrorist attacks is on TV almost daily, and the threat of terrorism affects everyone, including children. Being aware of our reactions and enhancing our sense of control may help us to handle both children’s fears of terrorism and our own.
  • Sinterklaas: Gratitude or lies?

    Sinterklaas: Gratitude or lies?

    It’s almost December: Sinterklaas is now in town and children are eagerly waiting for him, or probably for his gifts. Most children receive many gifts in December, but did you know that children sometimes feel the need to lie in response to Sinterklaas?
  • Children have no self-control?

    Children have no self-control?

    Do children have self-control? MRI research shows they just need a little more neural activation to control their own behaviour than adults. Watch the video blog on intentional inhibition in normally developing children.