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  • Discovering your talents

    Discovering your talents

    Do you feel you are a talented and successful person? Could you name your five greatest talents, if asked? Most people find this quite difficult. Find out whether talent is a prerequisite for success, and read about six ways to discover your talents.
  • Are you afraid of being found out?

    Are you afraid of being found out?

    Imagine a random person coming up to you, saying he “knows”. Knows you’re not actually that intelligent; that you’re not good at your job; that you’ve been faking it all along. And it’s only a matter of time until you’ll be exposed for everyone to see.
  • On sabbatical

    On sabbatical

    “Enjoying your vacation?”, my friends and relations ask me, knowing I’m ‘on sabbatical’. At home the word sabbatical triggers a knowing grin; I’m working as much as ever. But my stress levels are lower, and I come back from work happy each day.
  • Equal Opportunities

    Equal Opportunities

    At every step along their academic career development, more women than men fall by the wayside. The situation is not much different in other countries or in the business sector. Why?
  • Women in high places

    Women in high places

    Having more women in top positions does not as a matter of fact improve career opportunities for other women. On the contrary, successful women who display 'modern sexism' to cope with a masculine work environment can undermine the ambitions of other women