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  • What motivates adolescents?

    What motivates adolescents?

    Adolescence is marked by a peak in activity in the reward center of the brain. In our recent study, we found that various motivational factors contribute to these developmental changes from early adolescence to early adulthood.
  • Shy parent, shy child?

    Shy parent, shy child?

    Not only extreme shyness runs in families, but also an early brain response related to shyness, our family study shows. This finding can inform future research on genetic and environmental factors that play a role in the development of extreme shyness.
  • Grief: The shock of losing a loved one

    Grief: The shock of losing a loved one

    An intense and overwhelming feeling of shock, disbelief, and pain surged through my body. I couldn’t comprehend the implications of what I’d heard. I couldn’t believe it. My father had died and it was all over the news. It couldn’t be true.