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  • International women’s day? Really?

    International women’s day? Really?

    “Why do we have an international women’s day? We don’t have a men’s day!” or “Every day is women’s day” are frequently heard questions and comments about March 8th – International Women’s Day. Are these concerns valid?
  • A little note about nepotism

    A little note about nepotism

    After 3 years in a non-tenure-track position at his local university, the internationally qualified Budi was passed over for a tenure-track position in favor of the Rector’s young and inexperienced relatives. Nepotism in action…
  • Equal Opportunities

    Equal Opportunities

    At every step along their academic career development, more women than men fall by the wayside. The situation is not much different in other countries or in the business sector. Why?
  • Women in high places

    Women in high places

    Having more women in top positions does not as a matter of fact improve career opportunities for other women. On the contrary, successful women who display 'modern sexism' to cope with a masculine work environment can undermine the ambitions of other women