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  • Where blame begins…

    Where blame begins…

    Whether somebody is to blame for another person’s suffering is a question that is not always easy to answer. Psychologist Gert-Jan Lelieveld examines the origins of blame.
  • Sinterklaas: Gratitude or lies?

    Sinterklaas: Gratitude or lies?

    It’s almost December: Sinterklaas is now in town and children are eagerly waiting for him, or probably for his gifts. Most children receive many gifts in December, but did you know that children sometimes feel the need to lie in response to Sinterklaas?
  • Should research always be fun?

    Should research always be fun?

    Sometimes it is necessary to elicit negative feelings in studies. For example, by getting socially anxious participants to give a speech that will be judged by peers. A difficult task for participants, but it results in important insights in this disorder.