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  • Why multiculturalism may be good for your health

    Why multiculturalism may be good for your health

    In both politics and society, multiculturalism seems to be becoming less and less popular. However, research from our lab shows that a multicultural orientation reduces the stress of inter-group encounters, also for members of ethnic-majority groups.
  • On sabbatical

    On sabbatical

    “Enjoying your vacation?”, my friends and relations ask me, knowing I’m ‘on sabbatical’. At home the word sabbatical triggers a knowing grin; I’m working as much as ever. But my stress levels are lower, and I come back from work happy each day.
  • Carnival


    Carnival: three days for everybody to go crazy in large groups and silly costumes and indulge, before Lent starts. What are the effects of dressing up and gathering in large groups? This is where social psychology comes in.