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  • Good stress - bad stress

    Good stress - bad stress

    Is there such a thing as good stress? Or is stress always bad? Should we avoid all stress to live a long and healthy life? These were some of the questions Valerio Zeno posed in his tv-show Valerio4Ever, on his quest for eternal (or a very long) life.
  • Disgusted by Cheese

    Disgusted by Cheese

    Sandwiches at business lunches, cozy fondue evenings, vegetarian meals – cheese is everywhere. Scientific research now shows that a substantial proportion of the population are disgusted by this type of food, and that this disgust is reflected in the brain
  • Twins: similar and unique?

    Twins: similar and unique?

    'Who are the Ultimate Twins?' With this slogan a Dutch TV programme set out to find the twins who were most similar in looks, personality, and behavior. One pair had defeated 229 pairs, leaving viewers wondering about how they can be so similar yet unique.