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  • Psychology and genetic engineering

    Psychology and genetic engineering

    This summer I will spend my time modifying bacteria in the lab, an unusual activity for a psychology student. But this is only a small part of iGEM. Curious how a psychologist adds something to a synthetic biology contest? Read my blog!
  • Should research always be fun?

    Should research always be fun?

    Sometimes it is necessary to elicit negative feelings in studies. For example, by getting socially anxious participants to give a speech that will be judged by peers. A difficult task for participants, but it results in important insights in this disorder.
  • Where on earth did the effect go?

    Where on earth did the effect go?

    One replication is worth at least a thousand t-tests, indeed, but several replications (let’s say about twenty) and well-powered studies are worth at least a million t-tests.