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  • Physiological synchrony: key to dating success?

    Physiological synchrony: key to dating success?

    Finding love today is very different from earlier generations. Online dating has grown rapidly. In 2014 13% of Dutch relationships developed online; in 2003 less than 2%. The development of relationships is also changing. What effect will this have?
  • New World Stereotyping

    New World Stereotyping

    Recent events in America highlight the continued plague of racism on society. Here, I describe the nature of stereotypes in other parts of the New World with a legacy of slavery and suggest that such stereotypes have an impact on racism.
  • Gut feelings

    Gut feelings

    The gut is rather a neglected organ in the human body and is mostly known for its role in digestion. However, scientists are increasingly becoming aware of the important influence of the gut system on emotions and related brain systems.
  • Locked in or locked out?

    Locked in or locked out?

    Can you be happy when you are completely paralyzed? When you can think and feel, but can only blink your eyes? Surprisingly, most people with the locked-in syndrome can be happy. What is devastating is when you are locked out of society.
  • Do the peanut butter sniff test

    Do the peanut butter sniff test

    Rebecca Joubert | | 0
    By using the peanut butter test it is possible to determine whether someone is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This is the outcome of a study published in the Journal of the Neurological Sciences.