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  • Sinterklaas: Gratitude or lies?

    Sinterklaas: Gratitude or lies?

    It’s almost December: Sinterklaas is now in town and children are eagerly waiting for him, or probably for his gifts. Most children receive many gifts in December, but did you know that children sometimes feel the need to lie in response to Sinterklaas?
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  • It takes two to tango

    It takes two to tango

    ‘What’s the point of communication devices if you have nobody to communicate with?' This question is posed by patients who are completely paralyzed and cannot speak. Many of the problems of people with disabilities are societal in nature, not technological
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  • Disgusted by Cheese

    Disgusted by Cheese

    Sandwiches at business lunches, cozy fondue evenings, vegetarian meals – cheese is everywhere. Scientific research now shows that a substantial proportion of the population are disgusted by this type of food, and that this disgust is reflected in the brain
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